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Increase Facebook page likes to 10 times

To increase Facebook page or Facebook group likes or follows. do the Following

Consistency in Design

Keep the format of the background same. It would help you in creating original identity of your page

Invite Friends

Daily Invite Few , Do not jump and try to invite everyone in a single day.
Inviting few & few new likes daily will tell facebook that this page is not
spam & is improving regualarly
Important Point-> Invite your friends when you think they will be using
Data shows that if you are inviting at wrong time then that invitation tends
to fail.

Regularity in FB Posts

Only Post 1-2 times per day.
Sometimes we post many times in a single day & then forget to post next
few days,this is wrong.
Please mantain regularity

Facebook Post Engagement

If facebook friends or other visitors comments on your post , reply to
them. This will improve weightage of the Post & it starts appearing
more times to your friends.

Facebook Posts Creativity

Be creative and touchy with your words. Check the words “Million
dollar Pic”. I raises question in the mind of people they tend to see it.
You need to use your words smartly

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Focus on Recent

Always try to focus on Recent News and updates because post
containing recent updates keeps your followers engaged.

Facebook Creator Studio
Post Videos & use facebook creator studio if possible.
Use Good Thumbnail
Use Attractive Heading
Provide Value in Video.

Make Units
If your Page provides some kind of education then make Facebook
Units and post content there.
As it is new facebook is giving importance to this.
This will improve your likes of page.

Facebook Live
Facebook Live helps your followers updated live about your Page.
Use it Occasionally

Utilize previous Audience in New Facebook Group
Now a days your Facebook Group has the ability to link Multiple
Pages to single Group . So you can invite followers of those pages
also. .

Follow Facebook Suggestions
On start of Facebook Page/ Group , you will get suggestions . You
need to complete those steps to make things quick..