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Content Writing Tips that can change the MIND of Reader

Video Content

Videos are more powerful then text or images. Video below will change
the way you think and write


Our mind process visual content faster than text .
While checking Image Below , we can understand that image speaks for
itself & easy to interpret.

african man working on laptop in cafe digital mark 8RRL46G

Heading of Content

It should give a brief of the content that you are about to read. Check the
analysis results of heading
10 Tips that can change the way you Think & WRITE

heading score

Touch the visitor

Content Writing is art of engaging the visitors. Touch them
emotionally. Check Image Below

smart tips

Word SMART in above heading can make you think & if you are thinking , is this possible then this heading has made you think.

Revie & Testimonials

They add trust for the visitor & finally gives more chances of conversion

& high ROI


Know your Audience

You should connect with your audience. Your content must not be
completely formal. For Content writing informal writing works more

Must Read for You:

I understand that you have come here with an expectation that you can finally write good content using the tips that we use for ourselves and i promise these tips will convert your Work into work that pays.

Use of Tags

Use of
1. Point

2. Different Color
3. Bold Text
4. Link
should be used if you don’t want reader to skip your text

Content Marketing Tools

Tools are always handy.
Check the links below

Research Proof

Provide a proof to your theory.


Use Persuasive Words

Words like 1. You
2. Because
3. Now
4. Instantly
5. Free
has a different kind of impact on readers