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What is Freelancing


Freelancers are self employed people who don’t work at a particular company but a lot of them. Sounds interesting. Does’nt it? A freelancer is hired for a specific project, service or task by client.A freelancers work on a variety of projects at the same time but for different clients.

In a freelance job, one has to manage their priorities, time and workload.Freelancing provides a lot of flexibility and control to the individual. Most freelancers choose their own hours, the work that they do, the client they work with and may even be able to work remotely.

Current Trend In Market For Freelancing

Business Standard

48% of businesses hired freelancers in 2018, up from 43% in 2017. And it will increase in future.

Game Changer in business

Freelancer are helping businesses to achieve their goals early. And businesses easily rely on them.

Provide high job during pandemic

During Covid-19 pandemic, many people lost their job and then, it increased the trend of freelancing. You can double your income with freelancing.

Best Career growth

The future of freelancing in India is promising. Many individual are choosing to work according to their preferance like what they want, when and work of their choice.

Benefits Of Freelancing With W3axis!

Trustable Partner

We have more than 10 years experience in IT line .

Leading IT Company

We are one of most valuable and largest IT company in Panipat.

Professional Ethics

We follow all the professional ethics in our company .

Fast payment method

We understand our duty and we processed payment asap on work completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Freelancing is a self-employed work arrangement where individuals offer services or skills to clients on a project basis, often remotely.

Anyone. As long as you have a skill or service that a business or individual need, then you can offer your service and be a freelancer. There is no restriction as who can become freelancer.

Depending on your skills and service you offer, you may work on freelance jobs locally, nationally or internationally. You can also work from home as a data entry operator, content writer or digital marketer etc.

Yes. If you are currently working, you can try out freelancing in parallel with your main job. If you are facing a career break, then freelancing is a way to quickly earn some money. And who knows, you might just like it!

Freelancing differs from traditional employment as it offers autonomy, flexibility, no fixed employer, and the need for self-management and business aspects.