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    Rahul Saini - 36
    I start learning web development from scratch but by now I’m confident enough to build my own website.
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    priyanka priyanka
    I learnt new skills from the basic and teachers here helped me a lot. Assignments and test provided by them helped me improved my skills and build confidence in me.
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    Type Of Mobile Apps By Technology

    Native App

    A Native App is designed to run on a specific mobile operating system. It won't run on other mobile operating systems.
    01. Java
    02. Kotlin
    03. Swift

    Web App

    Web apps behave similarly to native apps but are accessed through a web browser on your mobile device. They are not the only apps in the sense of downloading and installing code on your device. They are actually responsive websites that adapt its user interface to the device on which the user is based.
    01. HTML5.
    02. JavaScript.

    Hybrid App

    And then there are the hybrid apps. These are web apps that look and feel like native apps. They may have home screen app icons, responsive design, fast performance, and be able to work offline, but these are actually web apps built to look original.
    02. React.
    03. Flutter

    Types Of Apps:-

    News App

    You can provide the answers that your potential customers are trying to find, so you can become the industry.vYou can provide the answers that your potential customers are trying to find, so you can become the industry.

    E-commerce App

    Our Ecommerce Website Development Services comes with the following features Features in Ecommerce App

    • Easy Product Search on Front End for Customers
    • Featured Products Listing
    • Related Products
    • Newsletter Subscription
    • Categories and Subcategories of Products
    • Customer Login and Registration
    • Social Media Integration
    • Product Zoom and Multi Image for Products
    • Promo Coupons and Discount Coupons for Customer
    • Easy to View all Sales Reports
    • Attractive banners on Front
    • Payment Gateway with Minimum Transaction Changes
    • Free Domain and Hosting
    • Attractive and Easy to Navigate Product detail page.

    Catalog App

    Features in Catalog App

    • The Product Catalog App is a simple app that shows a catalog of products.
    • Centralized Management of Request via Service Catalog.
    • Simplicity for the user.
    • Improvement in business processes.
    • Increase user satisfaction.
    • Maximize business benefits.
    • Centralized depository for all product data.
    • Easy approach to present Product data for business users.
    • Classification and categorization of products.
    • Create A Reliable Product Database.
    • Increased customer satisfaction and more accurate orders.
    • Greater consistency and accuracy in purchasing processes.
    • Reduced internal administrative costs - paper, printing, and distribution.
    • The app will be useful for field representatives to give to potential buyers to keep track of available products and pricing.
    • It shows the manufacturer's name,images, product description, specs. Easily share all images of a product at once.
    • Receive customer's enquiry.
    • Broadcast message to all users in a few clicks.
    • Send Notification to users.
    • Present your featured products to app users.

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