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Features in
your Website or App will have are

Khobsoorat Design

Elegant theme for Website and Easy to Use Design of App with colors of your choice.

Unlimited Categories and Products

There is no boundation for the number you wish to upload on your website.

Easy CheckOut

1 Page CheckOut with any two Payment Integrations.

SEO and Analysis

Website Offers easy to setup SEO for your Website. You will get benefits of Google Analytics Integrated


Customer buying trends has changed
from offline to Online

Statistics that you can check

1. Stats showing increase in Mobile Users

2. Stats showing increase in Online Buyers

3. Stats showing increase in online E-Commerce in India

4. Large Number of Online Platforms coming into E-Commerce Market.

5. Data from London-based data and analytics company GlobalData indicate that e-commerce sales will rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of just over 18% between 2021 and 2025, to reach $120.1 billion (or 8.8 trillion Indian rupees).

After checking above stats you can come to conclusion that if you want to increase sale of your products, it is mandatory  to get your Shop online.

So we are here to get you online in the cheapest possible manner.

Reasons to Have Your Own Platform

Direct Connection

You can understand your customers in a better manner if you are in direct touch, which is possible if you have your own platform.

Platform Development

You need not worry about the technicals of E-Commerce Platform. We work as a team with you and help you untill you say you are ready to handle by yourself.


We also provides services related to marketing if required. We help you attain new customers.


Selling on other's platform will not lead to your own branding.So get your Own.


Search and Come again, We believe we provide the best in the market with the quality and facilities we provide.


This is one most important part we forget while in search of new customers. But we have services which help you to remarket, corss sell , your products in a better way.

Put your details and lets proceed to next step.