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Google Business Listing

Google Business Listing

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is the option given by google to setup your business online where you can setup your location, services, Contact Details and one website Page for free.

Who needs Google My Business Listing?

Anyone who is willing to present his/her business online on google search Engine needs it.

Why do i need GMB?

There are many reasons for it.

  1. Your business becomes online business
  2. You can sell online
  3. Customers can easily find you.
  4. It increases sales
  5. It improves your branding
  6. You gets one page free website.
  7. You can showcase your products

How can create Google My Business Listing?

You can create online by following the steps guided by google. But i will suggest you to hire an expert becuase ranking of your business over your competitors also matters. If you need this service you can call 9991942662

What is the relation between Pointy and Google My Business.

Currently you are setting up all your products in Google My Business But for better information and selling process you can use Pointy. Pointy is a device given by google to connect to your POS. Click here to know more about Pointy