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Syllabus of PHP, SQL & CodeIgniter

Syllabus of PHP, SQL & CodeIgniter


PHP Install PHP Syntax
PHP Comments PHP Variables
PHP Data Types PHP Strings
PHP Numbers PHP Math
PHP Constants PHP Operators
PHP Switch PHP Loops
PHP Functions PHP Arrays
PHP Forms PHP Form Handling
PHP Form Required PHP Form URL/E-mail
PHP Form Complete PHP Advanced
PHP Date and Time PHP File Handling
PHP File Open/Read PHP File Upload
PHP Sessions PHP Filters
PHP Filters Advanced PHP JSON
PHP What is OOP PHP Destructor
PHP Constructor PHP Classes/Objects
PHP Constants PHP Traits
PHP Namespaces PHP Static Methods


SQL Syntax SQL Select
SQL Where SQL Order By
SQL Insert Into SQL Null Values
SQL Update SQL Delete
SQL Select Top SQL Min And Max
SQL Like SQL Wildcards
SQL In SQL view
SQL Between SQL Joins
SQL Inner Join SQL Left Join
SQL Right Join SQL Full Join
SQL Union SQL Group By
SQL Exists SQL Case
SQL Comments SQL Create Table
SQL Drop Table SQL Check
SQL Data Types


Module 1: Object-Oriented PHP Basics Module 2: JavaScript Revisited
Module 3: HTML and CSS for Object-Oriented PHP Module 4: String Manipulation
Module 5: Reusing Code and Writing Functions Module 6: Basic PHP with Framework
Module 7: MySQL Database TrainingModule 8: CodeIgniter Framework - Basic DB & Client Side Validation
Module 9: CodeIgniter Framework - Server Side Validation & Image VerificationModule 10: CodeIgniter Framework - Advanced Database with Session & Email System
Module 11: DB NormalizationModule 12: DB Relationship & Model Description
Module 13: Advanced PHP Framework with Methods Classes & CookiesModule 14: CodeIgniter Framework - SSL Email Manager
Module 15: CodeIgniter Framework - File Upload & Online Payment Method