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    What is News Website:

    The news is information about happening and events, occurring right now. News can be channeled through many different media forms. A successful website does three things:- It attracts the right kind of visitors. Guides them to the main services or products that you offer. And Collect contact details for future ongoing relations. But, what an news website means:-

    News Website are sites devoted to delivering the news in a different format than television, print or radio. News Portal is an online communication medium for internet users which are read all over the world. News sites differ because they have a responsiblity to provide authentic information.

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    Features and Technology used in News Website:

    The success of a news website depends on interest of audience. And interest totally depends on the look of website. If look of your website is not awesome, then people will not rely on you. Today, launching a news site is easier than ever. Features in a good news website include:-

    • Customized news portal design.
    • Latest News.
    • Easy to Navigate design.
    • Good social media integration.
    • Comment option available.
    • Quality content.

    Open Source Content Management System (CMS)


    Open-source web framework, written in PHP and follow model-view controller approach.

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    Our News website



    Panipat based news website


    Responsive and SEO optimized website.

    who we are

    What is News App:

    Newspaper is one of most popular and required assets of our daily lives. And, in today’s hectic world, news being created every minute and passed through T.V., radio, and internet. In newspaper, updated news is already old by next morning. So, if you don’t want to stay updated, then your news app may be a good solution for you. But, what a news app means:-

    News app are the app devoted to delivering the news in a different format than radio, T.V. or any other print format. Today, magazine and newspaper lover are moving towards reading newspaper on mobiles and tablets. The revenue model of news app is quite interesting. They run add and generate a good amount of money.

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    Features and Technology used in News App:

    For innovative publishers, there are some clear benefits of apps over websites. A well designed native mobile app can deliver everything that readers want. A mobile app presents a great opportunity to connect with loyal readers. Even, celebrities and service experts also use mobile app to share their content in a digital space they control. Features in a good news app include:-

    • Having an interactive content.
    • Easy offline access.
    • Social Media integration.
    • Latest news.
    • Comment section available.
    • Fast and dynamic app.

    Mobile Operating system based on modified version of Linux kernel and other open source software.

    how to get started

    Our News App



    Get all the events about what is happening in panipat in hindi


    Panipat Aajkal

    Get information about what is happening in Panipat.

    I was collecting subscribers separately on different platforms. This app made my work easy and brought all my content & customers at one place.
    Lalit Sharma
    Bol Panipat

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