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How to write requirement of an android app

How To Write Requirement Of An Android App

Android App Sample Project Requirement

Most of us have bulky wallets. On average, each of us has four credit and debit cards, a driver’s license, a handful of loyalty or rewards cards, and maybe a few membership cards for places like the gym and the library. We also have a little cash and several receipts. Whether we stow our bulky wallets in our back pockets or our purses, we dream of being able to grab our phone and keys and have everything we need for the day. M-Pocket is a mobile application that offers a solution that gets us a step closer to achieving this aspiration by consolidating many of the cards we use daily onto our phones.

M-pocket app provides following features:

Pay or Send Money

 It enables a person to pay back or transfer money to a shopkeeper   through m-pocket wallet. Pay money either by scanning code through   Credit card/ Debit Card/ net Banking


A registered user can view the passbook details (History of all payments done or received, received payments, paid payments).

Pay Bill

 It enables to pay money to the shopkeeper, either by scanning code   or through Credit card/ Debit Card/ net Banking.

Add Money

A user can add money to the e-pocket wallet through credit card or through net banking.


Event Booking

One more feature that makes this app different is the event booking system in it. Dealers can add the details of the upcoming events with the ticket details. On the other hand, User can book tickets through m-pocket wallet, get event ticket and can view the history of tickets ordered.

Requirement & Functionality APP Side

   01. Create Account (Sign Up)

To create the account user     has to enter the following details:

  1. Enter First Name
  2. Enter Last Name3. User Role,
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Username
  5. Password,
  6. Confirm Password,
  7. Email-id
  8. Location
  9. Mobile Number

After entering the details Click on the Sign Up button

Android M-pocket App signup image account

 02. Login Account (Login Page)

 On account creation user can     login the app by adding the following information:

  1. Enter Username.
  2. Enter Password .
  3. Login to the Account (In case of incorrect password user can click on Forgot Password Button).
  4.   If password is correct then user will be logged on.
  5.  Otherwise Else if the user forgets the password then click on “Forget Your Password?”

03. Forgot Password

 In case the user forgets his   password then he could add  the following info:

  1. Enter your Phone Number to reset the password .
  2. Submit it (After this user will receive an OTP on phone for verification)
  1. After submitting user will be moved for verification to the verification page
android app forgot password
04. Verification

After the user enter the phone number under forgot password page,  he would receive an OTP which is required to be entered by   user for  verification purpose.

  1. Enter the required OTP.
  2. Submit.

 05. Drawer

 It will show the following details:

  1. User Name
  2. M-Pocket Balance

  Along with this it consists of following options:

  1. Edit Profile Button
  2. Saved Cards
  3. My Orders
  4. Security & Settings (Changing Password)
  5. Notification Setting (On/ Off Switch Button)
  6. Language Setting
  7. Sign Out
android app m pocket drawer image
06. Edit Profile Page

On clicking on Edit Profile Button, this page will appear: User Picture (User can change the profile pic)

  1. First Name (User can change the profile pic)
  2. Last Name (User can change the profile pic)
  3. Email Id (User can change the profile pic)
  4. Mobile Number (User can change the profile pic)
  5. DOB (User can change the profile pic)
  6. Gender
  7. Save Button (On clicking on Save Button changes made to user profile will be saved in database)
07. Saved Card Page

(It will show the list of Credit Cards/ Debit Cards used by particular user in his purchase)

  1. Delete button: If the user want to delete any card then he can delete by clicking on the delete option present along with each and every card.
  1. Add Card Button: If the user wants to add more cards then he will click on Add Card Button.

Add Card Page (When the user clicks on the Add Card button on the Saved Card Page, Add Card Page will appear):

Add Debit Card (Enter Card Number, Month Year of Issue,CVV) OR  Add Credit Card (Enter Card Number, Month Year of Issue,CVV)

Submit button (On Submitting card details data will be addedto Saved Card Page)

09. Notification Settings
10. Language Settings

 It consists of the list of languages. If the user wants to change the   language then he clicks on that particular language and continue to the app further in that selected language. There would be 2 languages used in e-pocket App:

  1. English
  2. French

 10. Home Screen

There are following Options under the home screen:

android app home screen image

11.1 .  Pay or Send options

  Pay money either by:

  •   Scan Pay Pass
  • Send Money Mobile Number (Enter the mobile number of the person and enter the amount)

There are 3 cases under this: Case 1: A user has an e-pocket registered app Simple above steps:

Case 2: A sender has a registered e-pocket app but receiver has no e-pocket app:Sender will send money to receiver, receiver would receive the message with a code, receiver will show the message to the authorized dealer and ask the authorized dealer to pay him cash and Receiver will transfer the money to Authorized dealer’s account.

Case 3: A sender has no e-pocket app and receiver has e-pocket app.

Sender will pay cash to the authorized dealer and ask the authorized dealer to send money to receiver’s e-pocket app.

Withdraw: User will simply withdraw the cash from his bank account.

android app scan pay
android m pocket app send money image
QR code

 11.1  Pay or Send Option

  • QR Code

11.2 Add Money Option

There are 2 cases under this:

Case 1: If a user has a registered e-pocket account and a bank account for this:

  1. Enter the Amount in the app
  2. Select the one of the following option to Add money:
  • Either by Credit Card/ Debit Card (Enter the Card number, Expiry Date and CVV)
  • Or through Net Banking (Choose the required bank from the list of banks) Proceed.
  • case 2: When user has e-pocket app but no bank account.

    Under this, User will go to the authorized dealer. User will pay cash to authorized dealer and Authorized dealer will add money to user e-pocket app.

add money
android app pay bill

11.3 Pay Bill

    Pay Bill either by:

         1. Pay with scan

         2.Pay Bill To

11.4 Passbook Option:

  1. Shows the balance in the wallet
  2. Consists of send money option and add money option Consists of four tabs
m pocket android app event image

11.5 Event Option:

  • List of Events Page          (with event picture, Event Name, Date, Location, Number of tickets available, number of tickets sold,  short description of each and every event).
  •  Event View Page       (Picture of Event, Date of Event, Location, Ticket Type, Extra Description)

12.My Orders

 Event Picture, event Name, Date   & Time of Event, Location,   Tickets ordered with their QR   code, ticket Number, Ticket       Type, Ticket Code

  • List of Events Page          (with event picture, Event Name, Date, Location, Number of tickets available, number of tickets sold, short description of each and every event).
  • Event View Page        (Picture of Event, Date of Event, Location, Ticket Type, Extra Description).
my order
order ticket

12.1 Ordered Ticket QR Code       Page

 Event Name, QR code of the   particular ticket being booked,   Email and Download Option.

12.2 Order History List 

(History of all the tickets ordered through e-pocket) Event picture, Event Name, event location, date of order made, time when order was made, Price paid, Number of Tickets booked).

13. Payment Gateway Page

Under this the money can be transferred to the shopkeeper through the money present in e-pocket wallet, if money is not present in e-pocket wallet then add the money through add money option, or receive from other user.