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Facebook Marketing for Hospital

    Hospitals’ Most Trusted Facebook Advertising Agency

    Boost Interest Using Facebook Ads Focused on Patients

    We create custom Facebook ads that bolster your patient pipeline and lower your CPAs while we’re at it.

    Strategic Expansion through Social Media Engagement

    Social Media Campaigns for Multi-Campus Healthcare Networks

    Boost healthcare accessibility through strategic social media campaigns for multi-campus networks. Engage communities, share medical insights, promote wellness events, and foster patient trust. Connect, inform, and inspire for healthier lives.

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    To Get Customized Website

    We Fuel Growth With Strategic Facebook Ad Tactics

    Funnel-Based Messaging Strategies

    We deploy funnel-based nurture strategies to reach your patients with the right message—and at the right time and place. We create more complex, high acuity patient journeys, including remarketing to patients, to keep your funnel full while driving down costs.

    Persuasive Copywriting

    We’re all about copywriting that converts. Every single ad Cardinal creates for your hospital is crafted to inspire meaningful action in your patients, ultimately bringing more paying patients to your door while reducing CPAs.

    Eye-popping Design

    Our ad design not only catches attention but captures the hearts of the patients who matter most. No matter the medium, we’ll craft scroll-stopping creative that generates loyal patients, whether that’s in a single image, carousel, or video format.

    Data-driven Creative Testing

    We continuously monitor your Facebook ad performance to ensure you’re getting the highest ROI on your advertising spend. When we notice something isn’t working, we analyze, test, and improve.

    HIPAA-Compliant Ads

    Worried that your ads won’t be HIPAA compliant? Don’t be! We understand how to navigate every HIPAA regulation to ensure all your ads are compliant, so we can care for your advertising needs while respecting your patients’ privacy.

    Post-Click Optimizations

    We’ll help you supercharge conversions by aligning pre and post-click UX. User research and testing allow us to apply pre-click test learnings to your post-click landing page. We continue testing content, structure, and imagery across your post-click landing page and other key pages to convert clicks into booked patients.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Ans. Facebook marketing can enhance your hospital’s online presence, reach a targeted audience, and foster community engagement. It’s a powerful tool for promoting services, sharing health-related information, and building trust among potential patients.

    Ans. We tailor strategies based on your hospital’s goals. This may include targeted ad campaigns, content creation, community engagement, and leveraging Facebook’s features like events and groups to connect with your audience.

    Ans. We prioritize patient confidentiality and strictly adhere to healthcare regulations, including HIPAA. Our team is well-versed in creating content that respects privacy guidelines while still effectively conveying your hospital’s message.

    Ans. Absolutely, we have a track record of successful campaigns that have increased brand awareness, patient engagement, and even driven specific healthcare initiatives. We can share case studies and metrics to showcase our results.

    Ans. We use a combination of key performance indicators (KPIs) such as engagement rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and ROI analysis to measure the success of our campaigns. Regular reporting and analytics help us refine strategies for continuous improvement.