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9 Key Factors to Consider Before Applying for Google AdSense

9 Key Factors To Consider Before Applying For For Google Adsense

Do you own a website that is facing Google AdSense approval ?

Make sure you check following things before applying or re-applying
Quality of Content: Write your original content, which can offer high quality to readers. Sometimes normal users don’t understand the meaning of quality content.

So question comes what is a quality content for google.

You give a blog a title when you write it, right? About half of the people who visit your page do so because of the title. So, if your title says that you will give this information on this page, it should do so, and it should do it well. Your information should also solve the problem that the user is likely to have.

Dont write low quality content. There are three types of low-quality Content:

  1. pages that don’t have much information on them (such as attachment pages in WordPress that are used as a placeholder for an image)
  2. pages with the same information more than once
  3. pages that are poorly written

Navigation: Websites must be easy to navigate and have a clear structure. Users should be able to find the information they are looking for quickly and easily.

Copyright: Websites must not contain any copyrighted material without permission.
If you have copyrighted material please mention it with a reference. Like give credit to the website from where you have picked up image and this also if they allow others to use it .

Language: Websites must be written in a language that is easily understood by the majority of users.

Adult content: Websites must not contain any adult or offensive material.

Deception: Websites must not contain any content or links that are misleading or deceptive.
For Example If you have link which says , Best book of this year. and your link takes them to some OTT platform, this is deception.

Data collection: Websites must not collect any personal data from users without their consent. Add GDPR and CCPA cookie settings permissions.

Malware: Websites must not contain any malware or other harmful code.

Websites cannot engage in spamming or phishing activities.

By following these rules, website owners can make sure their site is good for showing ads and will be accepted into the Google AdSense program.