Packers and Movers Sample Software Requirement

CRM for Packers and Movers

As per Our Discussion Modules Required in CRM are

  1. Enquiry
  2. Quotation
  3. CRR
  4. Builty
  5. Bill
  6. Gadi Challan
  7. Gadi Logs
  8. Recalling
  9. Reminders
  10. Money Receipt

Salient Features are:

Bilty Software is user friendly and very easy to operate.

Bilty/ GR/ LR Entry :

Bilty Book (Booking Register) Reports

  • Consignor Wise Report.
  • Consignee Wise Report.
  • Truck No Wise Report.
  • Station Wise Report.
  • Paid,To Pay,To be Billed Wise Report.
  • Bilty Bill not prepare Report.

Higher Challan Entry :

Higher Challan Reports

  • Lorry Challan Balance Amount Truck No Wise
  • Lorry Challan Balance Amount AGENT Name Wise
  • Date Wise POD Report
  • Date Wise POD Not received Report
  • Truck Owner Details
  • Truck Driver Details

Invoice/ Bill Entry

Invoice/ Bill Reports

  • GST Billing Report
  • Party wise Billing Report
  • Party wise Bill Receiving Report
  • Out Standing Report Party Wise/All Party

Accounts Entry

Accounts Reports

  • Day Book Reports
  • Day Book Reports Party Wise / All Parties
  • Party wise Out Standing Report

The user could take backup of the database.

Integrated backup of data Daily Basis.

On Line Support through Internet / E-Mail/ Telephone.