Library Management System

About Library management system

Library is the place where you find a collection of books in different categories. Readers have to go there and choose a book which fascinates them which is a time taking process. In order to achieve this, readers spend many hours in the library just to find one, not only this reader has to register themselves in the entry book manually. For librarians it is difficult to handle the information, entries, record manually. They have to maintain the books, keep
them in book shelves and in addition they have to lend books to the readers.

To overcome this problem the library management system is a great website which helps Library managers as well as readers. It saves a lot of time and no manual record has to be maintained. Everything is updated in the application. Readers can choose a book online and can issue it directly from the application.  This system consists of two modules: admin and user module.

Admin Module:

  • Admin dashboard
  • Can manage book details
  • Update, edit, details of books and User
  • Can Issue books to User
  • View students’ details

User Module:

  • User dashboard
  • Update personal information
  • View book list
  • Choose books
  • View issued and return date of a book
  • Change Password

Technology Used

The complete project is developed in Python and PHP. Python is used to build the frontend whereas PHP is used to store databases.