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Android App Development Course

    Become an Android Developer with 45 Days Android Training in Panipat

    Android is a Operating System for Mobile launched in 2003 by google and Open HandSet Alliance (OHA). In INDIA 80% people uses this. Check Country wise android pentration here. Open Handset Alliance (OHA) is associated with 84 companies such as Google, Samsung, EBay, Intel. , and Etc.

    Core Android and Advance Android Training in Panipat


    Course Code:  W3-CR-AAD-101 Duration:  45 Days. Fees:  Call 9991942662

    Course Code:  W3-CR-AAD-102 Duration:  120 Days. Fees:  Call 9991942662

    Fee's Discounts

    50% Discount for BPL (Below Poverty Line) Card Owners.

    50% Discount for those who have already done the certification from somewhere else.

    20% Discount for early birds (joining before 14 June).

    Based on 30 reviews
    Rahul Saini
    Rahul Saini
    I start learning web development from scratch but by now I’m confident enough to build my own website.
    Amit Sharma
    Amit Sharma
    I took benefit of Digital Marketing Service for Loans from w3axis. Nice service .
    Priya pahal
    Priya pahal
    I learnt alot from the training, they helped me in every possible way for enhance my knowledge and skills.
    Aryan jatushkaran
    Aryan jatushkaran
    I was enrolled in digital marketing, the content provided by faculties here are really amazing.
    Rahul Saini - 36
    Rahul Saini - 36
    I start learning web development from scratch but by now I’m confident enough to build my own website.
    priyanka priyanka
    priyanka priyanka
    I learnt new skills from the basic and teachers here helped me a lot. Assignments and test provided by them helped me improved my skills and build confidence in me.
    Pankaj Saini
    Pankaj Saini
    thanks for developing school app for us

    Are You Interested in Learning Android App Development Course

    Core Android Basics of Android
    What is Android History and Version
    Installing softwares Hello Android example
    Software Stack Android Core Building
    Blocks Android Emulator
    AndroidManifest.xml Hide Title Bar
    Screen Orientation UI Widgets
    Working with Button Toast
    Custom Toast Button
    Toggle Button Switch Button
    Image Button CheckBox
    AlertDialog Spinner
    AutoCompleteTextView RatingBar
    DatePicker TimePicker
    ProgressBar Analog Clock and Digital
    Clock Button
    File Download Intent & Fragment
    Activity Lifecycle Activity Example
    Implicit Intent Explicit Intent
    Fragment Lifecycle Fragment Example
    Dynamic Fragment Menu
    Popup Menu Layout Manager
    Relative Layout Linear Layout
    Table Layout Grid Layout
    Adaptor Array Adaptor
    ArrayList Adaptor Base Adaptor
    View GridView
    WebView ScrollView
    DynamicListView ExpandedListView
    Android Service Life Android Service Example
    Data Storage Shared Preferences
    Internal Storage External Storage
    XML & JSON JSON Parsing
    Content Provider URI
    ContentResolver Sharing Information from
    Android Notification Notification API
    Creating Notification Alert
    Setting Notification Properties
    Issuing Notification Notification Compat.Builder class
    Android Notification Multimedia
    Multimedia API Playing Audio
    Playing Video Alarm Manager
    Gallery Speech API
    TextToSpeech API TextToSpeech Example
    Managing speed and pitch Speech To Text
    Telephony API Telephony Manager
    Get Call State Call State
    BroadcastReceiver Simple Caller Talker
    Making Phone Call Send SMS
    Send Email Location API
    Location API Fundamental Example of Android Location API
    Working with Google Maps Animation
    Android Animation API Android Drawable class
    Android Animation Example Android Rotate Animation
    Android Fade Animation Android Zoom Animation
    Device Connectivity Bluetooth Tutorial
    List Paired Devices Working with WiFi
    Working with Camera Android Web Services
    What is web service Soap Vs Restful web service
    Android Restful web service example with java servlet Storing data into external oracle database
    Verifying data in android with external oracle database Sensor
    Sensor API Motion Sensor
    Position Sensor Environmental Sensor
    Sensor Values SensorManager class
    Sensor Class SensorEvent class
    SensorEventListener interface Compass Acceslerometer and Orientation Sensors
    Sensor Examples Android Graphics
    Graphics API 2D Graphics class
    Android P2P Communication Introducing Instant
    Messaging Using the GTalk Service
    Monitoring the Roste for Changes Sending and Receiving
    Data Messages Transmitting Data Messages
    Receiving Data Messages Android Google Map
    Android Map V2 API Adding Map
    Customizing Map GoogleMap class
    Android Google Map Application Join Android Training in Panipat for Live Project Development


    Most frequent questions and answers

    Basic knowledge of programming languages like Java and XML is recommended.


    While not mandatory, having some programming background can be beneficial.

    Android Studio is the widely preferred integrated development environment (IDE) for Android app development.

    Java and Kotlin are the primary programming languages for Android development.

    The duration varies, but a solid foundation can be gained in a few months with consistent learning and practice.

    Yes, there are many online tutorials, documentation, and forums like Stack Overflow that provide valuable information for free.